10 Ways to Reuse Your Wedding Dress

It’s likely that you spent a lot of money on your wedding dress so why leave is sat in your wardrobe untouched, until 5 years later when you’ve had a few too many drinks with your girls, you’re convinced to try it on for 2 minutes and then box it up for 10 more years?

Here’s 10 ways to make use of your dress- even if you feel sentimental about it!

  • Trash the dress

So this isn’t one if you are sentimental but it is a lot of fun… This can be done as a photoshoot where you and your husband/wife dress up in your wedding outfits and throw paint at each other whilst having your photos take- the photos look amazing and you will have the best time. Alternatively if you like the outdoors you could wear it for a mud run just don’t expect it to be white at the end…

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  • Fancy Dress

Trash the dress to make your Halloween costume- maybe a Tim Burton ‘Corpse Bride’ theme? This will definitely bag you the best fancy dress award and another great way to get awesome photos- ripped fabric, fake blood and a gothic tiara…

  • Pass it on

Keeping your dress for your children is a really nice way to reuse it. The dress an be made into a pretty party frock or maybe even a Christening dress? Or even into a bouquet that you could pass on for your daughter’s/niece’s wedding.

  • Donate the Dress

For some brides when the wedding is over the use for the dress has been fulfilled and will no longer be needed. A great way to make money back is to sell it- the funds an then go towards your honeymoon. Or maybe you could be a hero and donate it to a bride that doesn’t have the money for her own.

  • Cocktail Dress

Make the dress something you can wear for a date night or party- a cocktail dress. Dye it, rip it, sew it and wallah! A whole new dress that you can wear again and again.

  • Renew your Vows

In 10, 15 or 20 years you may want to renew your vows. You can keep the dress and wear it again or have it altered into a slightly different dress.

  • Have a Wedding Dress Party

You may remember the episode of friends where Rachel, Monica and phoebe hire wedding dresses and then lounge around in them whilst eating pizza and drinking beer then eventually being caught by the boys! This is the best party theme ever! You can spend the evening drinking cocktails reminiscing on your wedding day.



  • Make a Pillow

Who wouldn’t want to see their dress every day? A pretty way to add that special touch to a room.

  • Baby Blanket

Another way to pass the dress on and the blanket will get a lot of use- it just may get covered in sick, snot and lots more!

  • Photo Album Cover

You get so many picture from your wedding but you need a nice album to put them in. Just use your dress- a beautiful way to decorate the cover and there’s plenty of spare material to make other keepsakes too.


I hope you find these useful and if you have any other ideas let us know!

Jess x

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