10 Wedding Traditions that are going out of style

Every couple’s wedding is different and usually highlights the unique personality of the bride and groom. Some couples like to stay with the old conventional traditions of a wedding, however there are a growing number of couples who are choosing to “throw out the old ways” and swap them for something new.


Wedding Party: Traditionally the wedding party is made up of a Best Man, Maid of Honour, bridesmaids and ushers, and all of which are usually family members and long time friends. Occasionally, couples aren’t going with the stereotypical Best Man or Maid of Honour, brides are choosing to have their close male friend follow them down the aisle as the Male of Honour and grooms are opting for their childhood female friend to make everyone laugh during the speeches as their Best Woman.


Using Flowers: Flowers have always played a major part in any wedding from the bride’s bouquet, to the buttonhole in the groomsmen’s jacket. They also used heavily as forms of decoration from the top table to the centrepieces. However, it is becoming more on trend to use alternate displays such as other forms of foliage or even the complete opposite such as balloons, candles, fairy lights or bunting


Which side to sit on during the ceremony: Guests usually arrive at the ceremony of a wedding and are directed by the ushers to sit on a particular side of the aisle depending on their affiliation with either the Bride or Groom. However couples sometimes disregard this tradition and prefer guests to sit on whichever side they choose to encourage the union of the two families. This also works well if one side of the family is larger than the other as it can strategically prevent one side of the room or church from looking emptier than the other.


Wedding Receiving Line: At the start of a wedding reception, traditionally the bride and groom and the rest of the immediate wedding party greet and thank the rest of the wedding guests as they arrive and form the “receiving line”. Some couples who prefer a more informal wedding are doing away with this and simply take the time to mingle with their guests throughout the day instead and using that time for something else, maybe a group photo or whatever they’d prefer to do.


Top Table: Not every couple likes the idea of having all of their wedding guests watching them at the top table therefore they are doing without and trying an alternative that works for them. This can include putting the table in the middle of the room so you blend in with the guests. If you choose a round table option these can perhaps be better for encouraging conversation. Doing without a top table can also avoid the potentially awkward “who should be seated at the top table” discussion and allows the bride and groom to sit with whoever they’d like.


Time of Speeches: Traditionally the Father of the Bride, the Groom and Best Man will give a speech after the Wedding Breakfast meal. However, occasionally some couples choose to hold the speeches before the meal to ensure the members of the wedding party can enjoy the meal as much as their guest without having to worry about the public speaking they may be about to do. Some couples may even prefer to miss out the speeches completely considering it too formal for their wedding or perhaps other members of the wedding party may give a speech such as the Bride or Bridesmaids.


Toast Drinks: For some couples, they may decide to make some cost savings throughout the wedding planning process. One currently popular way to reduce costs is to omit the additional wine for your toast drinks from your wine order. Instead of ordering extra bottles of prosecco or sparkling wine, you could ask your guests to raise their drinks they have ordered from the bar during the toasts. This also avoids wasted prosecco being poured down the drain or going back behind the bar at the end of the night. If you are keen on having a separate toast drink but are keen to save money, it may be possible to arrange a sale or return deal with your venue or supplier.


Meal Choices: The conventional wedding breakfast meal usually includes a three course sit down meal, however with so many catering options for brides and grooms available today, it’s hardly a surprise that a sit down meal isn’t always the most popular choice. Couples may go for different options such as a buffet, tapas style food, antipasti and seafood platters or even afternoon tea - the world’s your oyster!


Tea and Coffee course: Couples have traditionally served a tea or coffee course after the wedding meal, however they are slowly starting to lose their popularity. Some couples are instead preferring to serve tea and coffee at a serving table after the meal or even during the evening once the evening food has been served. By doing it this way it can save more time for mingling with their guests and for partying!


Throwing the Bouquet: Throwing the bride’s bouquet has always been the custom at weddings and one that all single female guests would look forward to. However, some brides are choosing not to isolate their single friends and are instead finding alternatives to throwing the bouquet. Such as splitting the bouquet into bunches and sharing these bunches with the women most important to them or those who have helped them throughout their wedding as a way to thank them. Another option for some is to use the bouquet to honour lost loved ones by placing a special vase on a table during the ceremony in memory of their deceased friends or family. Some brides would also prefer to keep their bouquet for themselves - perhaps drying and pressing the petals to celebrate the memory of their wedding day.

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