11 Gifts for Your Bridesmaid Boxes


A simple but meaningful touch for your bridesmaids is a box of gifts- the latest trend of 2017! This is the perfect way to personalise a gift for each of your bridesmaids and here are some ideas below:

Personalised dressing gown

This does not have to be expensive! Dressing gowns can be found in and colour to match your wedding from eBay or similar website as well as transfers to personalise them yourself- another way to cut costs.

Coat hangers

Again, another perfect way to personalise your gift and is a great way to present the dressing gown too!

PJ’s and Slippers

The same as the dressing gown, giving your boxes that extra touch.

A Bottle of Alcohol

This can be their favourite and is flexible to your budget too. And who would say no to a free bottle?!


A beautiful keepsake for your bridesmaids which will remind them of your special day.


To give them that bit of sugar they will need for the day of the wedding, because they will have been awake for so long from excitement!


An affordable way to pamper them and enjoy the night before the wedding.

Personalised Champagne/ Wine Glass

You’ll of course need something to drink that alcohol from and this is another great keepsake.

Nail Varnish

Another treat for your girls which works perfectly with their facemask.

Compact Mirror

To check that their lipstick is still on and their mascara hasn’t smudged throughout the day!