9 ideas for entertaining children

Having children at weddings is a very controversial (and touchy!) subject. So do you? Or don’t you?

It is likely that you will have close family members that are children and you will want them to be there and if you don’t then you have nothing to worry about!

Some couples decide that for the day guests, only close children will be allowed because this cuts costs and also allows the adults to enjoy the day without having to prevent their kid(s) from creating mass destruction, especially during the speeches. That being said some children are very well behaved and this wouldn’t cause any problems.

If guests are desperate to bring their children you could allow them as an evening guest by which time most people will be very drunk and will be acting like kids themselves!

Some of these ideas can be set up in a separate room (if available) or in a gazebo which allows the children to have their own space.

To the point, you pick your guests as it’s your day but don’t feel bad if you decide not to invite your 7 nieces, 4 nephews, 6 cousins and 12 of your best friend’s children…

More to the point, if you are inviting them how will you keep them entertained (especially during speeches)?

Here are a few ideas…

  1. Activity Packs– these are a great way to occupy children whilst waiting for food to be served, during speeches and throughout the day. They can include, colouring pages and pencils, word searches, bubbles, bouncy balls and even eye-spy sheets!                                                           To keep the kids entertained  What To Include In A Kid’s Activity Box At A Wedding
  2. Bouncy Castle- not just for the little kids. You will find that adults will need to have a bounce despite the fact that they are probably not allowed on it!
  3. Garden Games– especially big versions like jenga and Conect4 will keep children entertained for a couple of hours (depending on their ever so short attention span)
  4. Soft Play Area– For those younger kids a soft play area is ideal as they will more than likely fall over every 30 seconds. This go down really well with ball pits too!LOVE this bright and fun play area for a birthday party!
  5. Crèche- Hiring in professional babysitters will work really well as this gives everyone the chance to enjoy the day- adults know the kids are safe and happy and the children are having a great time!
  6. Quiet corner– a fantastic place to keep the children when it starts to get late. They can crash here and get some well needed rest instead of uncomfortably flopping themselves over a parents lap. (Normally supervised by the professional babysitters)
  7. Magician- kids love magic and it would be a great way of keeping the amused whilst the speeches take place
  8. Candy Cart– because what child doesn’t love sweets! You will find that they will be crowded around here quite often as well as adults too!                                             Our stunning vintage Candy Cart.
  9. Photo Booth– this be enjoyed by all guests and is also a great idea for a guest book, they take one copy and the other gets stuck in a book!                                                 wedding guest book ideas with polaroid

Hope these ideas were helpful,

Holly x

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