Bookend your days


It is so so important to run your days and fit everything in, without the day running you!

This sounds easier than it is, specially with children and busy lives. The best way is to know where you are headed and WHY. If you have your yearly and life goals in place followed by your quarterly and monthly goals, cut down into weekly and daily goals you will end up where you need to be.

Every morning I make sure I have my priorities set and goals in place and every evening I finish with evaluating the day and setting up for the next day.

Routines are essential for this as what happens in-between can take you in any direction…

My daily bookends

5.55-6.30am…The exact time depends on how much is to do and how late the night before was. Alarm sounds and I jump out of bed! The phone is in the bathroom so I have to! My work out clothes are ready on the bathroom floor and there is NO TURNING BACK!

6.00am – Fruit tea and relax with meditation and silence

6.30am – Training work out, it might be a run, yoga, HIIT or similar.

7.15am – Showered and dressed for the day. The phone is switched from Airplane mode to on!

7:40am – Porridge or fresh shake breakfast. Personal Development, and journalling. Any social media or urgent emails seen to.

8:00am – The children to school, they are ready as they are independent and the day is mine….

At the end of the day:
Time is not set in stone but before sleep I make sure to check my diary, write my “to-do list” for the next day and read 5 pages of an inspirational book. If I can I jot down anything I have learnt in my journal or anything that stands out for the day. Set me alarm and turn off my phone to airplane mode.