How to: Glamour Wedding?

The idea of a glamour wedding is enticing but where do you start? What look do you go for? How to stay away from tacky or chasty (cheap and nasty)?

First of all cheap doesn’t always mean bad but make sure you check the quality of the item- if the item is online don’t forget to check reviews! Sometimes reviews are ranked in good to bad so make sure the reviews you are reading are the latest.

So where do you start?

Once you got the date and venue pick your colour scheme… If you are going for sliver sparkles a variety of colours can be paired (Pinks, Navy, Lilac) or gold (Black, White or Grey). But this is completely up to you- not everyones taste is the same!

From this you can start to look at what invitations you like- bold glamour (I1) or subtle glamour (I2)?

What your decoration you would like? Tall table centre pieces (I3) stand out and creates a very elegant feel! Beautiful mirrored table plans (I4) are in and these create the first look of the reception room. Chairs can be styled very easily with a simple sash and brooch (I5) or a fresh style chair (I6). Table numbers are easy to glam up with a sparkly picture frame(I7)…

Wedding cakes are so versatile in style and glamorous wedding cakes (I8) are breathtaking!

Bridesmaid (19) and wedding dressing (I10) will be so much fun to pick as the options are endless and always look beautiful!

All of the images have been found from pinterest and there are so many ideas that can be found on there…