Thief Hall’s ‘Fly on The Wall’

Before I begin, I must fill you in, this could be a strange thing to read
You’ll be like “why? Who is this fly?” Well, let me explain with some speed
To spread some good cheer, whether far or near, I thought I would make myself known I am the one who sees all the fun watching couples get wed on their throne
A pleasure it is, to watch as I whizz and fly across ceiling to wall
Then share it with you for a laugh, smile or woo, peeking behind the scenes at Thief Hall!

Butterfly on the wall ... Hopefully my little poetic introduction has explained who I am...... Thief Hall's very own (butter)fly on the wall.
I'd like to share with you what goes on behond the scenes here, so you can really get to know the wonderful people who run this wedding venue and of course the wonderful people who have fun in it too! OK, marvellous. This month, I wanted to share with you how incredibly fabulous the team have been coping with all this uncertainty and take you on a little journey through the crazy week leading up to lock down and how Thief Hall squeezed in the last wedding allowed.


Are you ready? Well, strap in honey, and come fly with me!

Last week, the wedding party found themselves in a very sticky predicament. 1 week before the wedding, they had to decide: Do they, or do they not Continue with their big weekend?
It’s a question no couple should have to answer, but, given the circumstances, our beloved pair had to decide. That’s when Jess stepped in. Knowing that a statement from Boris was imminent, Jess was doing a brilliant job of reassuring everyone, whatever they decided to do, she would support them wholeheartedly…
Jess rang all of the suppliers to check they were happy to go ahead, and with help from her A* team Katy and Hannah, they went all Mrs Hinch on the hall and scrubbed every single nook and cranny! (Bzzz…During a brief flight from the clock wall to the bar, I even heard Jess ordering lots and lots of extra hand washing signs, wipes and sanitiser for the couple, just in case!)

hand wash

(Bzzz…I was delighted! This couple are madly in love – I knew it would be a wonderful weekend!)
And so, the pair arrived on the Thursday night and the preparations began. By Friday evening, the hall was decked, the flowers were in place and the food was all ready to go… and then at 5pm Boris announced that all public places were to close at midnight.
My little heart went out to the couple. And of course to Jess and the team.
All that work – what were they to do?
Well, in true form, Jess stepped up again.

She rang all of the suppliers again to check they were still comfortable in continuing, to which they were.
She then rang the registras and confirmed they could still continue legally, and finally Jess rang her lawyer who reassured her that it was still ok as Thief hall was a private venue with it being a private event … and she did that all without the bride and groom knowing, no need to worry them.

(Bzzz…Oh the relief! I heard Jess say to her hubby Phillip how guilty she felt going ahead, but she just couldn’t let her bride and groom down, and after legal reassurance, I could see her finally relax. Honestly, if only butterflies had a spare pair of wings, I’d have offered them to her during those painful few hours)


And so, the wedding day arrived.…

And my goodness, what wedding it was. Despite the circumstances and the huge drop in guests (although, it meant that everyone was able to keep social distance at all times!), the day couldn’t have gone better.
And, from what I could see, the news didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits, in fact, Jess and the team gave the couple more alcohol for free as a kind gesture!
(Bzzz…At one point, I flew right past a group of party animals on the Jagerbombs, before the whole place erupted in a round of “I’ll be there for you”!)


I watched the newlyweds for most of the day and it was so clear how happy they were that their day could still go ahead and the news that their honeymoon had been cancelled was softened by the team offering them a complimentary lengthened stay in the bridal suite.



Thanks for flying with me, stay safe and take good care of yourself. Thief Hall’s (butter)fly on the wall!


Kind Words


"We had our wedding at Thief Hall and it was perfect right down to the last detail. The entire team at Thief Hall are amazing! Thank you so much for an unforgettable weekend!”
- Wayne & Louise Morton

“We have had the most wonderful time here, celebrating our wedding! Everyone has been fantastic and the cottages are utterly stunning; everyone of our family and friends loved it. Thank you so much for making our wedding so special!”
- Danielle & Steven Bell

“I don't know where to start!! The most perfect venue for our wedding! A total blank canvas to work with and so much scope to make your wedding personal!”
- Lizzie James

“What can we say! Jess and Phil are outstanding! The attention to detail, support and service from the day we booked 18 months ago right up until now has been faultless.”
- Dan & David Whitelock

“OMG! Me and Ollie have had the best wedding ever, you have made it just perfect. Jess and the team, we could not have asked for more. Thank you se very much from the bottom of our hearts. All of our love and thanks xx”
- Ollie & Chelsie Anderson

“To Jessica, Katy and all the amazing team, Thank you so much for all of your help to make our wedding day so special! You helped everything flow so smoothly and couldn’t have been more helpful and attentive. All our guests loved a Cottages and it made such a difference celebrating with everyone together all weekend. Thief Hall is a really stunning venue and you and the team do an amazing job making the wedding is truly spectacular for everyone. Thank you for all your hard work”
- Caroline and Paul

“To Hannah and Jess, Thank you very much for everything. Our wedding couldn’t have gone any smoother, there wasn’t a single hair out of place you were amazing. Everyone of our guests complimented on the venue and the way everything was arranged and organised. This weekend has just been magical. We are both still on cloud nine. It has been a photo of a wedding from start to finish. A big massive thank you to Jessica, you are a dream. You have made this weekend the happiest of our entire life. You are a superstar, Hannah, you looked after Stevie and I from start to finish, we couldn’t have asked for a better wedding planner. You kept me calm throughout the day and always check that we had everything in hand. Once again thank you for the special weekend/wedding day XXX”
- Debbie and Stevie

“Jessica and all in the amazing team at Thief Hall, what can we say? Thank you so much for an amazing weekend. Our wedding was everything we dreamed of and more. You guys were amazing from start to finish & we can't thank you enough. For such a popular venue with weddings more weekends and mid-weeks you do everything to make the bride and groom feel so special. There were so many extra thoughtful touches that made the weekend so special. Jess, You are some kind of wizard in keeping the day running so smoothly and thinking of things that we completely over looked. Our guests had the best day yesterday and those staying in the cottages and glamping tents all said how wonderful everything was. The welcome hampers are a lovely touch. We can't wait to come back and perhaps have a slightly more relaxed stay!  Thank you SO SO much!!!!”
- Gavin and Helen

“Thank you so much for all the hard-work over the last 9 months and for always being there for us with any query or question we had! This weekend has been a dream come true (a wacky very colourful dream but a dream of ours!) and your "blank canvas" made the perfect backdrop for it all to take place! From dropping of car loads on the Thursday to supporting us on the Friday, from stealthily making out day run like clockwork to allowing us to stay an extra night on the Sunday to enjoy the beautiful sunset! you guys have all been amazing! We thank you all a million times over!”
- Sam and Will

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